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June 01, 2011


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Pat Hawkey

Takes a special kind of faith to do all that work without decal sheet in hand. I would tend not to glue part A-1 to part A-2 without the markings in my possesion first. Call me Mr. Caution. Anxious to see a finished piece...as I'm sure are you.


There is a sort of faith that goes into it -- and a ton of reference photos, too. It helps when you are able to figure out exactly where the color demarcations should go, and it also helps when you are working with an accurate kit that will let you place things exactly where you need them to go.

Dealing so much in airliner models has also increased my skills in adapting decals to suit my purposes. If I get those decals and the stripe or the globe do not want to fit properly, you can bet the skills of a surgeon (and the profanity of a longshoreman) will be employed to make those decals do what I want them to!

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